About the Matzah Registration Program for 2018/5778.


We have arranged the times for Matzah baking this year. Baking time will be at 2:45pm and 3:45pm on March 11th, 2018. Anyone coming must make reservations and inform us of the amount of matza they would like to bake prior to going to the bakery.

The cost will be $25.25 per pound. Broken matzah is $22.25 and Matzah Meal is $24.25 This includes a tip to the workers in the factory of about $0.25 per pound. The shul doesn't make any money on this project; the cost is exactly what we pay. Please note that we pay more for the privilege of baking our own matzah than if you bought the matza in a store. (about $1 a pound). For more information or questions, contact Dovid Schild at dschild@mdu-inc.com.

The address of the bakery is: Shatzer Matza Bakery, 210 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn, NY 11218, 718 435-2873. Directions to the bakery: Take the West Side Highway to the Battery Tunnel. Exit the tunnel and continue to Ocean Parkway. Make a right onto Cortelyou and continue for 2 or 3 blocks and the bakery is on the left side. It is not marked very well but you will see people coming out of the building with boxes of matza. If lost, call Dovid on his cell at 201 906-5443. (Click for Map) PLEASE REMEMBER, YOU MUST MAKE RESERVATIONS

Pick up is at the Schild's home on Monday evening, March 12th AND Wednesday evening March 14th from 7:00pm until 9:00pm. Due to limited storage space, we strongly encourage you to come either Monday or Wednesday evening. If you will be picking up after Wednesday night, please call (201) 387-9009 beforehand. Please make payment at pick-up with checks made out to "Congregation Beth Abraham".
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